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Try to be the last surviving hero

Hex Survival is a tactical game set in Moffee’s world (download the comic). Use a mix of cards and strategy to trap, deceive, and stab your opponents. But beware, death is not the end: your pawns shall rise again as zombies under your command! Who will be the last non-zombie standing?

⊕ More than 20 unique pixel art cards! ⊕

⊕ Zombie or Hero? ⊕


⊕ Instructions ⊕

How to Play Video

⊕ Instructions ⊕

Setup video


9 Invader Mat, 1 Hero Micro Deck (1 deck of 6 cards), 1 Zombie Micro Deck (1 deck of 6 cards), 1 red Heart Micro Deck (1 deck of 18 cards), 1 green Heart Micro Deck (1 deck of 18 cards), 1 Small Pro Box, 1 Chance Cards Poker Deck (1 deck of 32 cards), 2 Medium Booklet (comic + instructions), 6 black Card Stand, 6 red Card Stand


The following people made this game possible:

⊕ Music: Luigi di Guida (www.luigidiguida.it)
⊕ Video voice over: Rick Whelan (www.heresrick.com)
⊕ Text translator: Daniele Giardini (www.demigiant.com)
⊕ Text editor: Daniela Capulli
⊕ Game concept and artworks: Gaetano Leonardi (www.la-boite.it)
⊕ Play Testers: Daniele Giardini, Daniela Capulli, Andrea Venturi, J.T. Smith

Hex Survival ©2015 Gaetano Leonardi. All rights reserved.

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